Recycling Bin OVETTO

The “OVETTO” container, its colors, its soft and tapered line makes it an extra-designed item fitting in every room and composing with every furnishing. It can be placed inside houses or workplaces, offices, schools etc or outside on terraces and gardens.

This container is separated into three compartments, distinctively marked with three different colors that match the recycling waste (for example paper and cardboard, organic waste etc).

Each compartment has a color assorted cover for bag removal and a small opening with a lid for waste deposit. Both cover and lid close tightly and malodors cannot escape!! On the top center, a crusher for plastic bottles exists in order to reduce the volume of the waste (aluminum, plastic etc) allowing a larger number of bottles to be collected.

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Additional Information

Construction Material

Recycled Polypropylene


840X450 mm


White with lids (blue, green, brown)


30 lt.


7,8 kgr.