Recycling Bin ECO Poli
Κάδος ανακύκλωσης ΕcopoliAuesse κάδοι ανακύκλωσης

Recycling Bin ECO Poli

Ecopoli is a container with innovative design, it can be used as a litter bin than as container for differentiated waste. The form with rhomboidal plan appears minimally cumbersome and optimal for combinations between more containers. The front door is opened by a triangular key.
The high quality of materials and production technology is the absolute guarantee of functionality and durability 

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Additional Information


103 x 36 cm

Construction Material

Body, loading structure and door in electrolytically pre-zinc-plated-sheet (ring support bag embedded in the door)- Cover in smc (sheet moulding compound) – Base in treated steel or in hammer cement


Grey with color lid


100 lt.


48 kgr.