ECO Pile Easy Special Container
Κάδος Ανακύκλωσης Μπαταριών

ECO Pile Easy Special Container

Eco Pile “Easy” is a specific container for the collection of used batteries, designed and manufactured for use in complete safety. It\’s made of zinc plated steel with a concrete base, a guarantee of robustness.
Entirely closed, with a lock, it\’s equipped with three small openings for introduction of used batteries, designed not to allow the removal of the material already placed.
Emptying the container is simple through a side door. 

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Additional Information


Length: 1160 mm Body: 180×180 mm

Construction Material

All the container in electrolytically pre-zinc-plated sheet. Base in bush hammer cement.


Grey with green handle


100 lt.


20 kgr.