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Company Profile

ENVIA S.A. is a commercial company that is activated in the environmental sector offering effective environmental solutions.

In ENVIA Company we provide integrated environmental solutions according to the needs of our partners in the following areas:

1) Deodorization of spaces from difficult industrial air pollutants (methane, mercaptans, hydrogen sulfide, etc.):

A. Measurements of Air Pollutants and Particulate Matter (PM).
We own metering equipment which consists of devices meeting with high standards and quality, for measurements of odorous air pollutants & particulate matter (PM), for the support of our products and services. All instruments meet with European and international standards.

B. Consulting services on how to tackle the odor problem in accordance with the qualitative & quantitative characteristics of each pollutant, soil, space, productivity etc.

C.  The trading and distribution of Deodorization products:
C1. The Natural Deodorization products BIOSMON’’ which we provide in the Greek and international markets since 2006 and is a combination of absorbent granules with essential oils, liquid mixtures of essential oils with additional natural substances with application to biological treatment tanks, pumping stations, toilets, drains, garbage bins, landfills, etc.
C2. The BIOSMON Industrial” products for industrial applications (styrene, asphalt, amines, etc.)

D.  The installation of Deodorization Systems:
D1. Ozone Generators OZONEGEN & ECOZONE for Disinfection and Deodorization of difficult situations (food storage facilities, biological treatment facilities, tanning facilities, etc.)
D2. Carbon activated Membranes (organic fertilizer industries, waste management companies, etc.) and organic waste bins 120 & 240 lt with carbon activated filter in the lid (in restaurants, slaughterhouses, etc.) in accordance with the rules of HACCP by Company AMBIENTALIA (ITALY).
D3. ENVIA SA in collaboration with company FILTROSYSTEM, designs, manufactures and installs in professional kitchens of mass catering restaurants, taverns etc, an innovative series of Filters of natural Deodorization with the codename f-BIOSMON & i-BIOSMON with their respective Deodorization products as fillers. The Deodorizing Filter is positioned within the air duct, after the active carbon filter and before the exit of the duct.

2) The environmental regeneration of spaces accomplished with waste collection bins & recycling collection bins importing and distributing in the Greek market:

A. The collection and recycling of paper, aluminum, batteries, medicines, composting etc bins (in city halls, corporate offices, shopping malls etc.) as well as Indoor and outdoor ashtrays for no smoking areas application (in restaurants, cafe etc.) by companies AUESSE & BEEGREEN (ITALY)

B. The OVETTO recycling bins for indoor spaces and the environmental education of our young friends (kindergartens, playgrounds, etc.) by the company SOLDI DESIGN (ITALY).

* We are certified per ISO 9001:2008 Quality System covering all our activities (measurements, services, trading and marketing).